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Kind Words

Your reviews sent directly to our Artisans!

Hey friend,

Kind words. That’s something that I know we all need more of. I feel like 2020 was largely lacking in that. All you had to do was scroll social media for about 30 seconds before you started seeing words of division. I don’t know about you, but it was so discouraging to me.
But through all of that, there was definitely one place where words just really meant so much to me, our entire team, and our makers.

Your reviews.

I actually read every single one. The vast (I mean, vast) majority of them are filled with kind words that really just encourage us all so much. You might think you’re leaving a review for other customers (which you are and it’s legit so helpful. We get comments all the time from new customers about decisions they made based on reviews), but those words impact us as well.

Starting in 2020, in an attempt to fill the world with more kind words, we started compiling them at the end of every month and sending them along to our makers. I can’t tell you how much it encourages them to read those comments. I couldn’t believe it took me that long to think to do that.

We all need positive reinforcement sometimes, And this is such an awesome way to continue to close the gap between maker and wearer. To remind us all that there are real people with real names at both ends of the transactions of buying and wearing shoes and bags.

It’s actually pretty awesome.

So, when you send us kind words, please know how much it means. Not just to us here in the US, but also to our makers in Guatemala.
You’re all seriously just the best.


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