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The 3-in-1 that Carries a TON!

The 3-in-1 that Carries a TON!


We know it's hard to tell by a photo how much a bag can hold. So each month, we're going to highlight a different bag style and its unique capacity. 

For May we're showing off our Product of the Month, the Heidi Convertible Bucket Bag in Indigo Ikat which is $40 OFF this month only with Code: HEIDIBAG!

Need a shoulder bag, crossbody, or backpack?? The Heidi Bag can transform to fit your daily needs all while looking stylish & fun!

Ethically made by artisans in Guatemala with naturally hand-dyed Indigo Ikat Fabric, the Heidi Bag is a one-of-a-kind midsize bag with a huge impact on real lives.

Today we packed the Heidi for a sunny outdoor day away!

What we packed: 


~Toothpaste Tablets



~Full Poco Pouch *See What's Inside!

~Card Wallet

~Hair Ties


~Bug Repellant

~Bite Relief Balm



~Dry Shampoo

~Aloe Vera Gel

~Spray Deodorant

~Natural Perfume

~Alinna Sandals

~Extra Outfit

~Dry Bag

~Bathing Suit

Don’t miss your chance to buy this beautiful, versatile bag, and support our skilled makers in Guatemala at the same time for $40 OFF with Code: HEIDIBAG!


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