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Three Ways to Style the Xela Top

Three Ways to Style the Xela Top

Feeling stuck with style inspiration? If you're like us, so many months at home means you get dressed up to go to the grocery store, but your fashion inspo might be suffering a bit from not being used for so long. 

The Xela top is guaranteed to garner compliments every time you wear it, but some people shy away from the boxy cut. The truth is, it's actually easy to style it a few ways to make it work for your body type.

With so many ways to wear it, we know this will be an anchor piece of your wardrobe this year!

1. The French tuck - for a casual, but still polished look, tuck the front of the Xela into your favorite jeans. You’ll look laid back, but chic. Best of all, you’ll be comfortable!

2. The full tuck - Tuck your top into a skirt for a sleeker feel. A full tuck adds immediate sophistication and highlights your natural curves!

3. The sporty knot - One of the best things about the Xela Top is how breathable it is! For a more active day outdoors, tie it up, knot it, and wear it with sneakers.

Want your very own one-of-a-kind Xela Top? Browse the options here, and when you find your favorite, be sure to snag it--we only have one of each!
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Jessica White - August 12, 2020

I would love to see ways to style this without denim. I would like to buy one but want to wear it to work and work is “no denim”.

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