Warehouse Sale

I’m going to take a minute to get real... this year has almost broken us. Its been harder than the last few years combined. 2020 was a walk in the park compared to what we’ve seen this year! The economy has been hard for so many people, and we’ve seen that in a decline in sales.

So, like you must do when the going gets tough, we’re pivoting. We are switching to a fully preorder model, instead of the mixed preorder/in stock model we have now. This will lighten some of our load and hopefully keep our shoemakers more consistently busy.

We are moving warehouses as a part of this, and y’all are getting the benefit of that. We gotta move our inventory! This will be a reverse sale from what we normally do.


40% off

(text subscribers get early access Wednesday night at 8PM EST)



30% off



20% OFF


This sale is for IN STOCK ITEMS ONLY and ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns or exchanges. Please note that our text is only available to US customers.


Thank you always for your support,