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#1pair10ways Style Challenge Recap (and outfit ideas!)

Hi TRC Family!  I just finished the #1pair10ways style challenge and I had a blast!  Not only did I style some really cute outfits, but I had some eye-opening, perspective...

Hi TRC Family!  I just finished the #1pair10ways style challenge and I had a blast!  Not only did I style some really cute outfits, but I had some eye-opening, perspective changing conversations about Fair Trade.  

Let’s start with the style challenge.  I chose to wear my Blythe Boots in Chestnut Brown.  These boots are so cute with their cut out sides and woven fabric detail.  I think when it comes to boots  most of us think of pairing them with denim.  I am here to tell you these boots go with EVERYTHING.  I had a great time styling different looks to fit our everyday lifestyles.

Look 1:  Date Night

When you invest in a great pair of shoes, it’s important to let them make a statement.  In this date night look, I styled my boots with the classic little black dress and very few accessories allowing these boots to really speak for themselves.  


Look 2: On-the-go 

From date night to woman-on-the-go you can take the Blythe boots  straight to casual with your favorite denim and a cute sweatshirt.  My style tip secret…Lipstick and Earrings.  I always feel pulled together with a statement earring and a pop of color on my lips.

Look 3: Business Casual 

Heading to work?  A black jumpsuit with a blazer, kimono, or poncho works great with the Blythe boots.  You could recreate a similar look with a pair of cropped chinos.  I like styling these boots with a crop pant to feature the cut out detail and signature Root Collective fabric in the back.  


Look 4: Daytime Cutie 

I love this look for a daytime lunch date with a friend.  A simple dress with colored tights is a fun way to highlight your boots.  You can dress the outfit down by adding a denim jacket.



Look 5: Cozy Casual

I live in Wisconsin and the winter can be really harsh.  Wearing a pair of thick wool socks with these perfectly fitting boots won’t be comfortable, but  I still want to wear them through the season. Here I styled them with a pair of boot warmers and I think this may be my favorite look.  (I’ll pull the warmers over the tops of my boots as the weather gets cooler.)


This style challenge was really enjoyable, but more importantly, it was a great conversation starter.  Most of us don’t ever question where our clothing or accessories are produced.  Most of us don’t consider the person making these items, what they were paid, how they were treated, or what kind of working conditions they endured.  The #1pair10ways challenge allowed me to create open dialogue about the sometimes heavy topic of Fair Trade by providing a light hearted ice breaker.  If you didn’t participate this time, I would encourage you to style your favorite pair of The Root Collective shoes for 10 days. (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #1pair10ways and tag The Root Collective.)

Educating your friends and family to make small choices toward Fair Trade, can make a huge difference.  It can also be overwhelming.  The Root Collective made it easier by creating The Ethical List.  Please check it out and share it with your friends!  


Here are a few of my looks from the challenge!


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