Forget about the fast lane. If you really want to fly, harness your power to your passion. Honor your calling. Everybody has one. Trust your heart, and success will come to you.
— Oprah Winfrey

 Oh, hey! I'm legit excited that you're here. My name is Bethany Tran, and The Root Collective is what pursuing a calling looks like.

So many things happened to get me here, so here's the short version.

I started on a professional marketing career path in college. It wasn't on purpose. I needed a job and one presented itself and I was like, why the heck not? At the time, I didn't realize how perfect it was for me.

Fast forward about 12 years.

I had started working for a Fortune 500 company, on the 40th floor in downtown Philadelphia. I had changed jobs a few times, working with a 4-man tech start up, to a few mid-sized businesses. They all left me feeling empty inside.

I'm a purpose driven person.

And I knew I was living in a hurting world that Jesus had created to be something other than it had turned into today. And it was my responsibility to do something to ease the hurt and pain that was all around me. To help turn it back into what it was intended for.

Because Jesus only creates beauty, and I was seeing so much pain.

So, I started The Root Collective. We work with artisans in Guatemala to create much needed jobs. And I had no idea what I was doing. I was in so far over my head that all I could do was pray and hang on.


It was freaking hard. But then as we started to grow, I started to see the potential. More jobs were created. My tribe was making a real impact. 

I realized then that business and consumers like you were going to solve the world's problems.


What gets me out of bed every morning? You. Watching you realize how much impact you can have. Watching you make decisions to create a better world (and doing it in really cute shoes).