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5 Ways to Wear the Xela Top

5 Ways to Wear the Xela Top

1. Untucked
Worn untucked, the Xela has a lovely loose fit. The top rests comfortably at the shoulders and neckline while draping perfectly below.
2. Front Tuck
Breathable and lightweight, the Xela's fabric tucks nicely in front, giving a nice clean, hi-low look.
3. Full Tuck
When fully tucked, you have even more options! Tuck more fabric in for a tighter fit or pull more fabric out for a loose, wider shape with a delicate flair, or anything in between!
4. Front Knot
Tied in front, the Xela is fun, carefree, and as tight as you want it to be! First, tie it tight, and then pull on the knot till you reach your desired look!
5. Layered
Layer in on! The Xela adds an artistic touch to anything! Layer and accessorize to adapt the Xela to your individual style.
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