Dressing Stylishly and Sustainably as a Stay-at-Home Mom of Four

February 13, 2020

Dressing Stylishly and Sustainably as a Stay-at-Home Mom of Four

As a mom of four, my purchases (read: “my spending”) matters.  When it comes to fashion, I want to invest in comfort, quality, versatility, and of course style!  My TRC shoes and boots not only live up to these requirements, but they also meet my desire to support ethical fashion.  I began my ethical fashion journey about 4 years ago after researching brands to open my own boutique. For me, ethical fashion is an “umbrella” term including sustainable, fair trade, give back fashion, and thrifted fashion.  The Root Collective is a Fair Trade brand creating meaningful jobs for artisans in Guatemala while providing a fair wage. I love knowing that my purchases have a real impact on a community.

I made a decision last May to transition back to being a stay-at-home mom, to focus on my family, and to homeschool our oldest son.  I was really used to dressing up each day and while my style has definitely become more casual being at home, I still love to be fashionable.  I think I still manage some pretty cute looks thanks to great accessories like my Espe boots! I have found them to truly go with any look from running errands with 4 kids in tow, doctor appointments, trips to the library, coffee with a girlfriend, and even dressed up for date night.  Here are some fun recent looks wearing my Espe boots:

1. A Morning at the Library

2. Errands with the Kids

3. Date Night Out

4. Coffee with a Friend

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