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Fashion Tips from Our Most Trusted Stylists...YOU!

Fashion Tips from Our Most Trusted Stylists...YOU!

Our TRC Family’s passion for ethical fashion is incredible. Here are some of their best tips to help you take the stress out of styling!

Love and Know Your Body:


Highlight the parts of your body you love.



Buy the clothes that fit your current body and current lifestyle!



~Not everyone has a knack for style, fashion, color. If you are one of these people, first of all, you are MY people. Secondly, listen to compliments. When someone says, "That color looks great on you!" find more items in that color.

~We are our own worst critics, but we should become our biggest cheerleaders.

~Love the body you have. 



If you are insecure about your body, figure out what makes you insecure and balance it out. For me that is my hips. I balance it out by wearing long cardigans that pass the widest part of my hips. If I’m not wearing a cardigan I will have a shirt on with a detailed sleeve to draw the eye upward and balance out my frame.


Make it Comfy and Re-wearable:  


Dress in clothes that you can move comfortably in and that you’re not having to constantly adjust.



Make sure it’s nappable.


Brandy -

Find things that are versatile!


Be YOU & Have Fun: 



Don't force yourself to love a trend. Don't be afraid to rock trends that are "out" if it makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.



Don't be afraid to have fun!


Kristyn B.-

You can never ever have too many flowers.



Try new things, but know you don’t have to love it. Fashion is an expression of who you are right now—make it comfortable for you. For me that means lots of colors and soft materials, for others it’s black and white suits. What makes you feel like you? Also, I’m learning the more I know about the person(s) who made it, at least that they were treated right, helps me feel confident in what I wear.


Michelle V.-

If you are wearing it, you are rocking it!




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