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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

Hey friend,

I’m back!! I’ve been slowly getting myself back into the swing of things for the last 3 months since our miracle baby was born. I have said a million times (and will say a million more).... It’s really hard to get anything done with an infant around.

I’m currently trying to figure out my life, what everything looks like moving forward. But I will say that having a baby on the heels of Covid has really just reminded me that slowing down is so beautiful. Life is busy, don’t get me wrong. But it’s not filled with the crazy insanity of work and being productive all of the time. This is such a huge shift for me. I’m someone who finds their value in what they do, of crossing off to-do lists and seeing results. This new phase in my life will look different.

It will look like finding moments where I can work, and not feeling guilty in the times I can’t. It’ll look like responding to emails while my son naps, and climbing in the baby pool with him when he’s awake. It’ll look like grabbing a few moments in the evening while he sleeps to work on next year’s designs, and putting my phone away while I take him for a walk in the afternoon. These moments are precious… both the ones I spend working on my dream and the ones I spend with my dream boy.

Yes, it’s different. And isn’t that beautiful?

How are you looking at things differently in the season you’re in right now?



PS- Remember that your responses come directly to me if you reply to this email! I love hearing from you.

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