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If My Root Collective Shoes Could Talk

If My Root Collective Shoes Could Talk

One of my favorite movies growing up was Kevin Bacon's "Footloose.” Right from the beginning, the opening scene with stylish footwear all dancing in the center was an opportunity to assign shoes between my friends and me! "This one is me," and "I want that one," were all shouted between friends as we settled in. This scene has stayed with me as I have grown and collected my own pairs of shoes.

My favorite pair, by far, are the Espe Boots from The Root Collective. Their soles, I realized the other day, were down to nubs and I imagined these shoes have had a life and a story to tell as well. Shoes that have traveled with me to Uganda, Guatemala and back home to Colorado. These shoes survived moves across city limits and timidly crossed state lines. Espe was my faithful friend through my husband quitting his job to pursue his dreams. When I was making new friends in a new place, Espe was there for me. 

Espe was the one when, after I broke my foot and was restricted to close toed shoes for the summer, mended me back to health and made me look good while doing it. Tears have slipped out while in Espe. Laughter has burst out from my mouth, down the flow of my curves and filled the boots to overflowing. There hasn't been an emotion Espe hasn't felt with me.

I have noticed that Espe is the bootie I put on to feel put together and confident when I am tapping into courage and bravery. Something about wearing shoes handcrafted by men and women defying their paths and breaking out of poverty challenges me to also break out of my own impoverished mindset.

Where have your Root Collective shoes taken you? Have you worn them on a job interview, a first date or home from the hospital when you received hard news? Have you worn them to summon courage or confidence in yourself? Do you wear them for comfort or style? Lucky for us, they can be both.

Wherever your Root Collective shoes have taken you, you are not alone in that journey. Your shoes carry the heart and soul of the men and women who have made them. Not only do you carry the artisans with you, but you also carry the community of The Root Collective sisterhood. When you wear TRC you wear the women who have joined with you to purposely shop and change the world. 

"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things" - Mother Theresa

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