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One Couple’s Incredible Impact

One Couple’s Incredible Impact

Meet Rich & Lisa!

They recently participated in The Root Collective Fashion Revolution Style Challenge and by following them throughout the week a couple of things really stuck out to us (beyond the fact that they are absolutely ADORABLE): Their awe-inspiring love for each other and their love for making a difference with their purchases.

Together they have provided an estimated 100 hours of work for the artisans we partner with in Guatemala. And Although Lisa’s purchases definitely outweigh Rich’s, we give him credit. According to Lisa he’s wanted TRC a long time before we made Men’s Boots a reality. *Thanks for your patience Rich!

Every single TRC purchase counts.

Each sale helps to provide safe steady jobs, fight poverty, keep families together, and strengthen communities otherwise at risk for Human Trafficking.

Never doubt your ability to make a difference with your dollar. Ever.

HUGE thanks to Rich and Lisa for being an important part of The Root Collective.

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