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Our Mission in a Divisive World

Our Mission in a Divisive World


Hey friend,

Anyone else feel like the internet (and really, the world) is the wild, wild west at this point?? I know I can’t be alone in that. It feels out of control and people are often willing to say just about anything with no regard to who it impacts.

We are really living in divisive times.

Polarizing was the word I’ve used many times to describe what I’ve seen in our culture in the last year or two specifically. People are being divided into camps of right and left, wrong and right. Middle ground barely exists anymore, and people are getting canceled for simply having a different opinion.

As I’ve watched this all go down, I’ve realized that the primary message behind what we do as a company is really more valid and important as ever. We are literally a company that exists to bring people together. This has never been as important as now.

Because while the world is trying to rip people apart, our goal over the last seven and a half years has been to bring people together.

Even our name carries that message. When I spent months trying to come up with a company name, I finally landed on The Root Collective for a simple reason: it is literally intentionally designed to bring people together. The Root Collective as a term is about how we all have our own individuality, but what an incredible thing it is to bring our personal gifts and talents together to create something beautiful. We all have our own roots, but that collective means so much more.

So amidst the division, we still stand for unity. We still want to bring people together. We still want to remind each other of our own individual importance while recognizing how much better we are together.

The world may try to rip us apart. But united? That’s where we shine.



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