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How to Get Dressed and Out the Door in 15 Minutes or Less

Time to go Have you ever had those moments where you are trying to rush out the door in the morning?  Have you ever turned to the mirror and thought...

Time to go

Have you ever had those moments where you are trying to rush out the door in the morning?  Have you ever turned to the mirror and thought “oh no, I can’t go out like this"?  This article is for all of us ladies who are trying to balance the chaos around us each and every day.  COVID has definitely changed how much we truly are heading out of the house but that being said we are still heading out whether its to work, the grocery store, or whatever else we can convince ourselves we “need” to get done.  My husband and I booked back to back dermatology appointments last week to be “healthy” but definitely had ulterior motives of getting food to-go in Portland (because we love food).  That counts, right?  

Let’s talk time management

So lets move on to talking about getting out of the house in 15 minutes or less.  I’m going to give you some recommendations that can make this a feasible, #nailedit task.  Lets start with the night before.  I recommend showering at night, even if it's just washing your body (I wash my hair every other day).  By doing that, you cut out about 30 minutes in the morning:  15 minutes for a shower + 15 minutes to put lotion on and dry your hair.  Next up I’d recommend setting out two outfits the night before, one look that makes you feel fashion-forward and another one for those days that all you want is comfort.  Pull out your steamer and get both looks steamed and leave them hanging in your closet to grab and go in the morning.  Now, you’ve saved at least 10-50 minutes (come on we’ve all been there where we hate everything we put on and we have a pile of clothing resembling an epic volcano in our closet or on our bed) minutes. 

Now I know that some of you are asking why I am recommending you to steam 2 looks when you are only going to wear one.  Here’s the deal.  The option that you don’t choose can carry over for the next days selection and now you only have to steam one outfit.  Plus, the likelihood of committing to a “ready to go” look increases when you don’t have to do anything to it.  Just sayin… Next, layout your accessories for both looks in a tray or on your dresser so its a quick grab in the morning.

Must do’s

Some things that I will always recommend you doing before you leave the house are as follows:  brush and floss your pearly whites, wash & moisturize your face, then curl your lashes and apply mascara.  Those 5 things right there will make you feel refreshed.  My whole makeup routine after this only takes me 5 minutes too.  I have been blessed with 3 kiddos whom I adore but let me tell you…the random stuff that can delay you in the morning with 3 kids will never cease to amaze me…never. 

"Your brother took his socks from your drawer?  Should I ask why they were there in the first place?  The cat ran under your bed before you could close your door?  Hmmm, maybe you should move like a ninja so he can’t slide past you.  You forgot you backpack that was in the mudroom, on the hook, in plain sight before you exited the house because you didn’t see it?  Right…. You (my 4-year-old) need to go potty now even though I asked you 4 times over the last 30 minutes if you needed to go potty?  Of course you do sweet child…carry on."

Why you should…

I love sarcasm, but in all seriousness getting ready like this is a sanity saver for me and my family.  They may not appreciate it as much as the boys enter their teen years, but that’s o.k.  Now lets get back to those 2 outfits you set out the night before, shall we?  I’ve curated a few looks that can take you to the office, appointments, a grocery store run, yoga, or even lounging around the house.  It’s important for your mental health to keep your daily routines going even if you stay home.  You matter, and even if you’re not heading out, you need to know that you will feel better and even a little bit more recharged when you get ready.  I promise, just give it a try for three days and see how you feel. 

Time to style

Now let’s talk outfits.  I am a strong advocate for shopping fair trade, ethically made styles.  That being said, one of the ways that you can shop ethically is by shopping your closet.  It’s a start, and you may find that you already own pieces that can work for these looks.  If you do, awesome!  If you don’t, don’t stress.  I’ve got you covered with recommended links.  I also purchase second hand here or rent pieces here and here if I don’t want to make a big purchase.  Add pieces to your wardrobe as you can or as you feel comfortable and just go from there!  Have fun with the process!

The jewelry and accessories I’m recommending are all fair trade and handmade from artisans around the world, and can be found hereThe boots and flats are from The Root Collective (and I can easily wear them for my 10 hour shifts regularly).  They are fair trade and made by hand in Guatemala.  The clothing is either ethically-made and/or fair trade.

Look 1

The first look I’m going to show you includes the following items:  Selma button down (TTS and has endless ways to be styled), Mystic Moon Necklace, Falcon Sports Bra (TTS or size up if you have a larger chest or rib cage), Crosshatch Cuff, Modern Leather Tote, Isthmus Skirt (blue & white), and the Espe Boots in Slate.

Look 2

The second look includes the following items:  Sweet Ceramic Studs, Eloise Long Cardigan (sooo soft), Grace Pendant Necklace, Amari Tank, Ina Sports Bra, Companion Bag, Sommer Leggings (high waisted work of art) and the Thea Flat in Smoke Leather.

Look 3

The 3rd look includes the following items:  Orleans Earrings, Greige Quad Dress (can also be styled open with a blouse and jeans), Opalescent Necklace, Classic Leather Crossbody and the Espe Boots in Dusk. 

I hope these three looks have given you a couple of ideas for now and as we transition into Fall.  Remember planning ahead will do wonders for your morning, so if you can, then do it!  No judging here, I have had plenty of times where I had the best of intentions but ending up falling asleep in my daughters room as I put her to bed.  It happens, none of us are perfect, right?  Just do your best and call it good.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or are in need of some styling tips.  Happy styling…

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