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The "I have that" Jayden

February 18, 2021


We know it's hard to tell by a photo how much a bag can hold. So each month, we're going to highlight a different bag style and its unique capacity. 

Our Jayden Half Moon Bag in Chestnut is small enough for every day but fits enough for so many situations!


What we packed: 

-Hand Sanitizer



-Lip Balm

-Hand Lotion


-Glasses Case

-Large Wallet


-Handheld Gaming System

-Full Poco Pouch




Aspirin? Bubbles? Tape? Tweezers? Bandaids? Candy? Snacks? You name it.

With the Jayden Half Moon, you could say "Oh ya, I got that in my purse!"

Which bag would you like us to pack next?

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