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The Pablo Chukka Boot:  4 Things You Need to Know

The Pablo Chukka Boot: 4 Things You Need to Know


 1. Size: These boots will be available in men's sizes 8-13. They can stretch up to a half-size (in width more than length) and the insoles will form to your feet over time.

2. Price: $248

Cost Per Wear: 

1x/week + 3 years = $1.59 per wear

1x/week + 5 years = $0.95 per wear


3. Quality: Handmade to last by our skilled boot makers in Guatemala with decades of experience. Hand welted and able to be cleaned, conditioned, and resoled for years and years to come.


4. Versatility: From your everyday to your wedding day, this style can be worn countless ways and adapts perfectly to your individual style.

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