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The "Portable Office" Melanie

The "Portable Office" Melanie

We know it's hard to tell by a photo how much a bag can hold. So each month, we're going to highlight a different bag style and its unique capacity. 

This month we're showing off the Melanie Tote Bag in Chestnut. With the Melanie bag, you can tote your office around in style!

What we packed: 

-Portfolio Clutch
-MacBook Air
-Computer Mouse
-Laptop Charger
-17 oz. water bottle
-USB Charger
-Blue Light Blocking Glasses

All that with some room to spare!

High-quality, high-class, and made by highly respected artisans in Guatemala.

With the Melanie Tote Bag, you can trade WFH to Work From ANYWHERE!

*Also available in Dusk

CLICK HERE to see The Melanie! 

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