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Three Tips for Making Your Ethical Goods Last

Three Tips for Making Your Ethical Goods Last

Happy Friday! When you shop ethically, you’re likely spending more money on a quality item that you want to last as long as possible! Today, we’re sharing three easy tips to protect your ethical investment pieces.

1. Protect - You can pre-treat your leather boots, flats, and bags with a leather conditioner and water protectant, which will help to shield it from harsh elements. We recommend Chamberlains, and you can get it here.

2. Wash gently - The best way to preserve your favorite garments (like our Xela Top or Solola Lightweight Duster) is to hand wash them with mild detergent, then lay them flat to dry. Here’s a great, easy set of instructions on hand washing clothes.

3. Maintain - Get to know your local cobbler, and take your favorite shoes in for repairs and maintenance as needed. A cobbler can replace the heelcap or the entire sole of your boots, buff and condition your leather items, and offer additional options to help keep your favorite pieces in tip-top shape. 

Wearing things that last is one of the most sustainable ways to shop. If you’re ready to invest in an ethically-made, stylish, and long-lasting item that will last you YEARS, shop below!

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