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Who Made My Boots?

Who Made My Boots?

Seeing a signature in your TRC doesn't mean that you know who that signature belongs to! So we are highlighting 4 of the amazing bootmakers we partner with in Guatemala along with their signatures to help you put a face to the name inside your TRC!

We love connecting makers with consumers so we're basically playing matchmaker to help you find your bootmaker match!

José Armando Valle Morales
Jose is married and has a daughter. His mother-in-law lives with them as well. He's been making shoes for 25 years. Having a job means he can care for his family and pay for his daughter's education. He loves reminding people that their shoes are all handmade, and not from a factory.

Luis Alberto Sánchez González

Luis is married and has three children, two daughters, and a son. They are all still in school and studying hard. He's been making shoes for 38 years. He began training at a young age and has learned all of the different parts of the process.


Carlos David Imuchac Sian

Carlos is married and has a daughter and two sons. He has been making shoes for 40 years, and has kept the art of shoemaking alive by teaching his two sons, who are now also shoemakers.

He loves that his job allows him to meet new people and make friends. 


Juventino Morales Paiz

Juventino has been working as a shoemaker for 20 years. Consistent work is allowing him to get ahead, rather than living day by day. He is grateful for the work. He loves that his shoes and his art is going around the world and becoming known.

It gives him a lot of pride! 

Recognize any of these signatures?

DM us a photo on Facebook or Instagram.

We'd love to show our makers who's wearing their boots!

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