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Will I ever be ready?

Will I ever be ready?


Probably a crazy question to be asking at 34 weeks pregnant.

When are you ready? I mean, really… when are you ever ready for something really big? Ever?

The questions I’ve faced during my pregnancy have been shockingly familiar to me. I asked most of them in the last seven and a half years of running this business. It always amazes me how many similarities there are between life and work… especially when they’re as intertwined as they are in my life.

Those big and new things are scary. I don’t think that you ever feel fully prepared for them. Part of the beauty of growing in life is facing those things knowing that you’ll never be ready and going into them scared anyway.

How many things in your life have you felt utterly unprepared for? Typically those things are the most important parts of your life. Marriage, kids, a new job, running a business. You’re never ready. That feeling is scary, no matter how many times you face it. It’s the monster in the closet that can prey on you if you let it.

But as with any fears, you get to decide how much control you give it. You can let it run your life, or you can acknowledge its presence and put that fear in its proper place: back in the closet and out of mind.

So here I am, staring a new phase of life that we are utterly unprepared for in the face… this time knowing that I’m not ready, and knowing that somehow, with lots of prayer, I’m going to figure it out anyway. I’m going to acknowledge the fear I’m facing and make sure that I gently closet it away and realize that even though it might seem like the monster hiding away, that it won’t control my life. Because I refuse to give it that kind of power over me.

What are those things in your life that you’re facing that you’re totally unprepared for, and yet know you need to do (or maybe don’t have a choice but face)? What monsters do you need to quietly usher back into the closet so that fear doesn’t control you?



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