Your Fashion Revolution Week Style Prompts

April 14, 2020

Your Fashion Revolution Week Style Prompts

Fashion Revolution Week is less than one week away and we can't wait to inspire change in the industry with our TRC family. If you're curious about what Fashion Revolution Week is, or how our style challenge works, read our post from last week!

Without further ado, here are your style prompts. Be creative! We specifically keep each prompt simple so that you can take it in the direction of your choosing. We can’t WAIT to see how you curate your outfits using each of these prompts:

  • April 20: Pattern Mixing
  • April 21: Transitioning to Spring (incorporate layers, spring tones, etc.!)
  • April 22: Minimalist 
  • April 23: Color Crazy
  • April 24: Thrifted
  • April 25: Dress it up
  • April 26: Athleisure

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Need some style challenge inspo? Here are a few pictures from members of our TRC family. 

A great example of pattern mixing by Amy: 

Samantha's minimalist look is perfect with this colorful background!

Lisa's athleisure look is enviably comfortable looking!

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