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FREE shipping on orders over $200 in the US (or $7 shipping under $200)
FREE shipping on orders over $200 in the US (or $7 shipping under $200)


Wear Your Pair
Sell To Someone Else
Get Another Pair

Hey, your taste changes. We get it. But we also know that you want to be sustainable in how you shop, especially when your items have a lot of life left in them.

That's why we created The Root Seller. This is a marketplace for TRC family members like yourself to buy and sell. This is the epitomy of circular fashion.


1. SUBMIT: fill out the form (please include photos of the side, back and sole).

2. LIST: we will review your item and respond within 3 business days if it is approved for sale

3. SHIP: once your item has sold, you must ship within 5 business days.

4. SHOP: you will receive store credit amounting to 100% of your sale price towards your next pair.


1. SHOP: check out with the item you want.

2. SHIP: your item will ship directly from the seller.

3. REVIEW: you have 3 days to let us know if the item did not arrive in the condition it was advertised in.

4. ENJOY: wear the heck out of your new shoes!