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Molly Crashed Our Wedding Day

"Are you sure?" That was the first line of my wedding vows. Standing in Florida sand while Hurricane Dorian threatened to stop in on our August 31st sunrise wedding –...

"Are you sure?" 

That was the first line of my wedding vows. Standing in Florida sand while Hurricane Dorian threatened to stop in on our August 31st sunrise wedding – that's right, we planned a hurricane season wedding – I asked my husband to be if he was sure. 

I went on to say more: how much I love Jesse, how much joy our love brings me, and how I'll be the only woman to ever kiss his face dimples. I posed that comedic question because I'd never been the kind of person who pictured her wedding day. I believe in love, and I've watched way too many romantic comedies, but I didn't think marriage would be happening so soon. Then I met Jesse, and I fell head over heels for the voice acting cutie with a great heart. 

I've heard horror stories about wedding days. Totally kidding; I've just watched a lot of Bridezillas. 

But, I've seen a lot of weddings, whether on television or in real life, and they've always intimidated me. Why? I've felt that weddings can be showy and kind of girly, and I'm not. At least not according to society's expectations. 

I own five pairs of shoes including my Mollys, and one of them is an old pair of Syracuse University flip flops I've had since college. You'll likely find me in the same pair of jeans at least three times a week. And I'm more comfortable with my bare skin than I am with makeup. 

I'm open-minded enough to know that being a girl or woman is more than those listed items, but I had made up my mind; I don't fit the bride mold

There is no bride mold. 

Standing there, among 40 of the most amazing people we know, Jesse and I got married in a way that was uniquely us. There is no mold you have to follow – it’s your union. 

One of my closest friends, Mel, made me a flower crown, and I wore that in place of a veil. Instead of the traditional white, I opted for a beige flowy dress from Fame and Partners. No makeup, but I wore a peace sign gold necklace. Jesse’s sister, Sarah, my mother-in-law, my mom, and a collective of other amazing women helped us prepare the backyard and food. When it came to choosing the perfect shoe, I went with the Molly Sandal in Dusk Leather

I took my time to find the right fit. We've decided to be more earth-friendly, so I knew I wanted a pair that would last, but I also wanted something beautiful. I read several articles before I landed on The Root Collective website, and I was overjoyed when I received a personal message welcome from Bethany Tran herself – pretty cool. Furthermore, Jesse has done volunteer work in Guatemala, and I think about the greater good before I make purchasing decisions. It felt like the fashion designer himself, God (of course), picked Molly out just for our special day. 

Because we had a beach wedding, I didn't wear my Mollys during the ceremony, but I put them on during our backyard reception, and I felt like the most beautiful bride, on and off the beach. 

As far as wedding crashers go, she was beautiful, supportive, sturdy, and didn't drink us under the table. 

PHOTOGRAPHS: Kenna Schott Photography

2 comments on Molly Crashed Our Wedding Day
  • Anuella Alexandre
    Anuella AlexandreSeptember 17, 2019

    Reading this brought me so much joy! The pictures are also breathtaking. Congratulations on this magical love!

  • Linda Mounts
    Linda MountsSeptember 17, 2019

    This is SO beautiful!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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