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Spring Style with Jaimi -- Part 1

Ah, spring! Coming out of the long, gray winter months, it’s a season we all long for when March rolls around. Although we all look forward to it, that doesn't...

Ah, spring! Coming out of the long, gray winter months, it’s a season we all long for when March rolls around. Although we all look forward to it, that doesn't change the fact that it’s typically an unpredictable time of year weather wise. 

You wake up and the temperature is around 40 degrees. But later in the day it could reach 60. Then there’s the threat of rain. Or hail. Or snow depending on what climate you reside in. But you’re so sick of layers and snow boots and coats. What is a girl to do?

I got you friend. You want to start dressing for a new season, you’re ready to shed some warm layers, but you still want to be prepared for the roller coaster weather. The Root Collective has the perfect spring transitional shoes. When you’re not quite ready for sandals, but you’re done with cold weather gear. When you want to show a little skin, but you're not quite feeling the shorts and tank tops.

Today I’m showing you four outfit ideas you can take into your own closet to help you transition from cool mornings to warmer afternoons, and next week, I’ll share five more! I’ve included a variety of choices from pants to midi skirts to dresses to knee length skirts. I want to help encourage you to “free your legs”, without feeling too exposed while, if you’re like me, you are still dealing with dry winter skin. 

Using my 3 pairs of shoes from TRC, you’ll see how these are the perfect spring-time shoe that can be dressed up, down, and gives you confidence while on the go no matter the temperature outside. Just don’t forget to take a jacket with you ;)

#1: Light layers over basics: Start with a basic white tee, add in some black jeans and layer a light cardigan or jacket. I love how the boyfriend length cardigan paired with the Blythe Boots helps elongate my body. The shape of the shoe allows for that illusion. Who doesn’t want to feel long and lean after winter, amiright?

#2: Suns out: maybe you’re ready to show some leg but not quite ready to show your toes. Pair your Gaby Flats with a skirt for a fun spring look. Opt for a longer sleeve length to help you not get too chilly. And don’t think you can’t wear brightly colored shoes with other colors in your outfit! Colorful shoes can be the color pop, or the color complement.

#3 Jumping for jumpsuits: this jumpsuit is sleeveless and cropped, but adding my Gaby flats and a jacket helps me feel more at ease with the unpredictable weather.

#4 Denim Jacket FTW: a denim jacket is a spring staple. It’s lightweight and pairs well with so many things. I chose my Blythe Boots for this outfit to give it a more modern edge but flats would be a great choice as well.

Come back next week for Part 2!

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    I really love that black jumpsuit look. Where is the jumpsuit from?

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