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11 Basic Do's and Don'ts to Selfies for the Photo Giveaway

11 Basic Do's and Don'ts to Selfies for the Photo Giveaway

ICYMI... we just announced a monthly photo giveaway. Yup, a giveaway every single month.

How do you enter? Simply post a photo of you wearing your shoes with #myTRCstyle, and one person will be randomly picked each month.

Do you feel intimidated (or just plain clueless) about how to take a selfie? The Root Collective founder, Bethany Tran, breaks it down into 11 basic do's and don'ts. Read these easy tips, and take your selfie game to the next level for the giveaway!

  1. DO: wear whatever the heck you want. DON'T: try to fit in with something you’re not comfortable with. 
  2. DO: get the best lighting you can (natural is better). DON'T: take photos in dark corners with shadows. 
  3. DO: hold your camera flat. DON'T: tilt it
  4. DO: think about angles. DON'T: Stand straight up and down. 
  5. DO: tilt your head, chin down. DON'T: look straight into the mirror or lift your chin. 
  6. DO: take photos with no hair and make up. Just from the nose down. DON'T: feel like you have to get all gussied up.
  7. DO: let dogs and kids in the background. DON'T: try to hide your life. 
  8. DO: Smile naturally. DON'T: force anything. 
  9. DO: take shoefies! DON'T: feel like you need full body shots.
  10. DO: Find fun ways to take shoefies (leaves, broken sidewalks, wood floors). DON'T: think about it too much. 
  11. DO: edit your photos. DON'T: get too stressed about it.

Want to watch a video with these tips? Bethany went live in our Insiders group on Facebook with what she's calling "the most awkward live ever." So, if you like awkward things, join the group and watch. It's a hoot.

Now that you're a selfie pro, be sure to enter our TRC Style Giveaway! All you need to do is snap a picture with your Root Collective shoes or bag, post it on Instagram, and use the hashtag #myTRCstyle. Each month, we'll choose one person to win a $50 TRC gift card!

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