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Cost Per Wear, and Why It Matters

Cost Per Wear, and Why It Matters

Does it pay to pay more?

We hear it all the time: “shopping ethically is more expensive.” But the truth is, it’s normally not.

When it comes to investing in ethical pieces, it’s helpful to calculate your cost per wear to establish an estimate of how far your dollar will (or won’t) stretch over time!

The good news is this: when you buy a high-quality, ethically made pair of shoes, bag, or clothing, you can feel confident that your items will last years, resulting in an ultimately lower cost per wear. In the long run, you’ll actually spend less on a quality pair of shoes than you will if you buy a cheap pair, because that cheap pair will need to be replaced long before that well-made pair you bought.

We’ve added a feature to every product page to show your CPW when you wear your item once a week for three years, and once a week for five years. Of course, many in our community wear their TRC items far more often, thus lowering their CPW! You spend more up front to spend less in the long run.

Browse and calculate your estimated cost per wear here

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