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Custom Fabrics: Things to Consider

Custom Fabrics: Things to Consider

We love that our limited edition fabric choices offered on our customs are absolutely one of a kind! But much like a box of chocolates, you never know which part of the fabric you’re gonna get. 

*Example: Images shown above are all from our Rustic Ikat Fabric!  

There’s a level of thrill to expecting the unexpected but for some that thrill looks more like… well, anxiety. 

So we're here to help!


Things to keep in mind when shopping and designing custom: 


Look at the Whole Fabric

When you go to customize your footwear on our website, we’ve included a picture of the entire fabric to show what variation you can expect when designing. 


The Example is only ONE Example

The example shown when picking fabric is only displaying one of the possibilities of the fabric and not what your pair will look like exactly. The image does display which direction the fabric will be placed on the shoe or boot. 


Consider your Comfort with “Surprises”

Some fabrics have more variation than others. Make sure you look over the whole fabric and decide if you are excited no matter which portion of the fabric gets chosen.


Think about the Size Area

The size of the custom fabric area will change your likelihood of including more or less of the fabric’s design.


Know that You're Making a Difference

Every purchase supports artisans in need of safe, stable, and good-paying jobs in Guatemala and you get the chance to wear and share their skill and art with the world.

CLICK HERE and Start Designing Your Customs NOW! 

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