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Ethical Brands from Head to Toe

My eyes were opened to the reality of modern-day slavery several years ago, and I remember thinking that now that I knew about this issue, I had to do SOMETHING....

My eyes were opened to the reality of modern-day slavery several years ago, and I remember thinking that now that I knew about this issue, I had to do SOMETHING. I could no longer ignore the problem. But I was just one person. What could I do to combat slavery? 

Eventually I learned that I do have power: purchasing power. Every time I spend my money, I am telling companies what I value. I also learned about fair trade, and that when I spend my money on fair trade and ethically sourced clothing, I am sending a message to the fashion industry that I care about who makes my clothes and how they are treated.

I finally knew a real way that I could contribute in some small way to fighting modern-day slavery, and over time I have found several fair trade and ethically-sourced brands that I love. These brands are stylish and modern, and they won’t break the bank. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the best brands to create a fair trade wardrobe. If you’re here, you’ve already found The Root Collective, and you’re ready to rock your gorgeous and comfortable flats or boots. Here are a few of my favorite brands to make your ethical outfit complete.

Able denim jeans

Pants: For jeans, you’re going to want to check out Able. They offer a variety of classic and on-trend styles, from skinny high-waisted jeans to distressed slouchy denim. You’ll also find white and black jeans and even denim jackets, skirts, and shorts! Seriously, Able is your one-stop jeans shop. Able’s aim is to end the cycle of poverty through sustainable job creation. This company is so committed to transparency and accountability in the fashion industry that they publish their wages, starting with their employees in their U.S. factory in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Mata Traders dress

Skirts and Dresses: Mata Traders offers an expansive collection of fair trade skirts and dresses. Featuring unique, hand-blocked prints and patterns, their dresses and skirts range from mini to maxi, vintage to modern. Mata Traders preserves the tradition of handmade block printing in Nepal and India, ensuring that one-of-a-kind, boutique look that we all love. Plus, this company has great sale items for people wanting to shop ethically on a budget. Their motto is “fashion a better world,” and by buying from Mata Traders, you do just that.  

Elegantees top

Tops: For beautiful blouses, look no further than Elegantees. This company features classic tees and tops that will stand the test of time (and multiple washes). Their organic cotton blouses come in a variety of solid colors and boast flattering fits for all body types. Elegantees is a female-owned company, as evidenced by their online models and their fit descriptions, which feature details women want to know when online shopping: Will this tank cover my bra strap? Is this tunic long enough to wear with leggings? How fitted is this top? Elegantees is a brand with women in mind from start to finish. This fair trade business employs women rescued from human trafficking in Nepal, then uses some of its profits to fund future rescues, making it a brand you can be proud to wear and share with your friends.

Noonday Collection Necklace

Jewelry: To complete your look, Noonday Collection is the perfect source for fair trade jewelry and accessories. This company partners with artisan businesses around the world to design and create handmade jewelry, bags, and scarves. The artisans use traditional skills to craft perfectly on-trend jewelry that you will love. Think statement earrings (lightweight enough to wear all day), stackable bracelets (that Noonday calls “arm parties”) and bold designs, although the line has a variety of dainty pieces as well.  Noonday Collection focuses on working with artisan entrepreneurs in vulnerable communities so that, by creating a marketplace for their goods in the United States, these communities can flourish.

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  • Amanda Lunday
    Amanda LundaySeptember 10, 2019

    I love this! Thank you. Don’t forget shoes from you all. I wear them every day and love them! Thank you for the jeans hint, I have been on the lookout!

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